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A modern convenient approach to integrate all your business needs, for teams of all sizes

Modern, Intuitive, Easy to Use


Fully Automatic Synchronization and Actions


Cloud-Hosted or Installed on-premises

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Seamless integration with Web business services (Invoicing, Ecommerce, Bookings..)

Industry's state-of-the-art security standards

Greatly reduce your administrative costs


Core open-source CRM

SynkData is built on open-source stable CRM applications - SugarCRM or SuiteCRM.

Invoicing module

SynkData provides an improved Invoicing module for the CRM core, allowing you to easily view, control and emit new invoices

Moloni Connector

Our connector for the web invoicing platform Moloni saves you time and hassle, automatically creating new invoices when you need it.

Data Synchronization

SynkData connectors automatically synchronize relevant business data between the CRM and other platforms (such as Customers/Contacts, Products, etc)

Cloud Deployment

With our Cloud-hosted infrastructure, you can get a personal CRM running in less than 1 minute! Easily import and export your data from/to on-premises deployments.

Airbnb Connector

Synchronize the house listings between Airbnb and the CRM, updating vacancies and invoicing tenants.

User first approach

Our philosophy and business approach is to focus first and utmost on our users and clients, and what they actually need and want

Pricing Plans


Free! 1 month

  • Limited to 1 user
  • 30 documents max
  • Customer support
  • Free Updates


5 / month

  • Limited to 1 user
  • 30 documents max
  • Customer support via email
  • Free Updates


20 / month

  • Limited to 3 users
  • 200 documents max
  • Customer support (mail, phone, in-situ)
  • Free Updates

The perfect plan for any company.


45 / month

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents
  • Customer support (mail, phone, in-situ)
  • Free Updates
  • Guaranteed SLAs

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